Freedom is Life!

Do you know how it feels to be free? It feels like you can do anything and be just how you want to be.

Freedom is like the leaves blowing in the trees, it is like the sand between my wiggly toes. Freedom is sparkly dust off the back of a unicorn. What does freedom feel like for you?

Freedom is green. For me, freedom feels like I am glad to be alive and my heart is glowing with green love. It’s the colour of green leaves blowing in the wind. The colour of warm peaceful grass in your soul. My green heart feels calm and peaceful when I am singing. What colour is freedom for you?

Freedom is a place. I feel free when I am in nature. I can hear the waves crashing in the ocean. I can smell the salty smell of the water. I feel free when I am alone in my bedroom because I can do anything I want to do. I feel free when I am with my family because I have people around me who I love and I know they love me. Be with people that you feel comfortable with and that you care about. Where do you feel free?

It is important to be free. It is important because you can be you and can do many things. You can go to more places and see more things and you can be who you want to be. You can make your own choices and can live your own life. If you do not feel free you can imagine a place that you like and you can dream of going there. If you don’t have freedom you wont feel happy, you will feel worried and sad and like everything is a mess. What is freedom for you?

Be free. Be yourself. Be who you want to be. Don’t change you so you fit in. Just be you and you will always be free.


By Maddie H.
Aged 10





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