Colour Psych - How Colour Impacts Your Mood.

Look around you right now. Let’s assume that most people are inside and the surrounding walls are white or some variation of cream/neutral. What is the next most prominent colour around you? For Freemahon, it’s green. A lot of green.


People often ask me, why I chose green for the Freemahon branding. There is more to green and colours than what meets the eye. Behind every colour is a concept called colour psychology. Colour psychology is the emotional response that we have to colours. Our response to colour is usually deeply personal and can be drawn from our own experience or culture. Each colour can makes us feel a different thing. It can affect our mood and behaviour.

Let’s take green for example. Green is linked to nature and the environment. When something is green, you know it’s alive. You know that it is still growing. That’s partly the reason why we can feel better when we are amongst nature. Being immersed in things that are living/alive, refreshes and rejuvenates us, especially when we are physically and emotionally depleted. When we surround ourselves with green, we are literally surrounding ourselves with the colour of life. It’s a colour of good health.

Green means go. It means action. We are reassured by green. If we journey back to caveman mindset for just a minute - when things were green it indicated presence of water and little risk of famine. It reassures us that we are going to be ok.
It maintains our hope. And when we have hope we feel less anxious, more optimistic, more productive, more ready to kick goals. When we feel like this, it's easier to be kind.

But what about green’s association with envy? A little of this bad boy isn’t necessarily a bad thing, provided you look at it through a green filter. Envy can direct our attention to our values, define our priorities and spark change. It forces us to ask ourselves...

  • What can I learn from this feeling?
  • How do I measure my success and self worth?
  • Is fear holding back from achieving more?

And then there’s wealth and it’s link to green. Being driven purely by money or greed doesn’t align my with personal values or those of Freemahon. Money can go out as quickly as it comes in. Ironically, it can be a terrible thing to solely invest in. But wealth isn’t always about money. You can have a wealth of knowledge, of ideas, of creativity. Wealth can mean having something to share.

Freemahon is green because green is good. Freemahon is a digital resource where design meets health. If you aren’t surrounded by a lot of green then get outside, buy some plants, make a green smoothie or connect with Freemahon for your daily dose. The grass may be greener on the other side but it's pretty damn green on here.

Bridget Mahon
Here's the psych behind some of the other (yuck) colours surrounding us. I'm including this just for you, even though it completely sh*ts on the whole colour scheme we have going on in here. 


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